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    Default Re: Window Condensation, A/C & Mold??

    You're welcome Mike.

    Some additional information :

    In an average home up to 20 gallons of moisture per week can be generated during the winter months.

    A second problem is the possibility of high humidity in the winter with the temperature set too far down at night.

    Cool air can hold less moisture than warm air, so the relative humidity (RH) rises as the air cools.
    For instance, house air at a reasonable 35 % RH at 70 F will see an increase to 50 % RH when the same air is allowed to cool to 61 F.

    This can lead to condensation on windows ,ceilings and walls (for instance, in closets or behind furniture). The warm moist air will condense on a cold surface.

    So if the humidity inside the home is at 50% with the temp at 70 degrees then it will be considerably higher if you lower the temp down at night for example.

    Basically, you are creating a more humid environment, all things considered, when you allow the house temperature to drop significantly. This may not be a problem in a dry house or one where you can modify the humidity, for instance by turning off a humidifier.

    The house humidity should be monitored, especially in winter.
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