Moving into a central Florida all-electric home and I'm examining efficent ways to both go green, and improve operating costs.

The overall needs are heating and cooling of the home
a pool heater
a water heater

existing furnace/AC is older... doesn't need to be replaced.
hot water heater is fine, but old and inefficient
no pool heater yet.

I could put in a solar pool heater. Fair enough.

Or I could put in a solar system that heats the pool water and the other water needs of the home.

Or I could put in a single tankless electric water heater for the house water.

Or on-demand point of use water heaters.

Or some combination.

Or I could invest in a heat pump system to replace some or all of the above.

Or I could find a dark corner, pat my head and rub my belly until they come to take me away.

We're older, so the payback on investment needs to ne reasonable.
I don't mind investing in a big whole home solution, if it is the best solution.
But right now, I'm just fairly confused.

Anyone know whats going on here?