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    Question Chimney insulation

    My split level home was built in 1950. The heating chimney (hot water, gas)is in a channel from the bottom of the house thru the attic. It is not insulated and you can easily feel the heat up in the attic. Should I insulate around the chimney? Why was this left uninsulated? Any certian kind I should use?

    Thanks Matt

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    If you're talking about a brick chimney, you can put fiberglass insulation around it to stop the warm air flow and heat loss. Is the rest of the attic insulated?
    The reason it was left uninsulated is because during the 50's the heating bill and energy conservation was not a great concern.
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    Default Re: Chimney insulation

    I have the same question.... but I have a spin off question as well.

    If I insulate around my chimney.... how do I prevent the moisture from the house from collecting in my insulation?

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