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    Unhappy overflowing washer drain

    i have a washer drain where the drain pipe leads into a gravel filled barrel under my patio. I'm sure that the barrel is filled with lint. it does not properly drain under the volume of water the washer puts out, and the drain overflows. i have tried snakes, drain-o, and other drain opening solvents. i want to know if there is a chemical that is great for destroying lint or if there is any other solutions for this problem without demolishing my patio.

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    Default Re: overflowing washer drain

    You're probably out of luck because the lint is made up of fibers other than organic fibers like cotton and wool.
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    Default Re: overflowing washer drain

    I also suspect that you're out of luck as far as that drywell goes.

    Don't know if you're you're on septic or sewer, but couldn't you just re-route the discharge?

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