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    I bought a house two years ago. There is a really nice deck on the whole back of the house. I don't think it has ever been sealed though, since I moved in I have noticed the color changing to a light gray color and the nails are starting to pop up and sink in. What do I need to get to finish the deck? I don't want to change the color at all just seal it so the water stays out. I bought some deck clear sealant but it turned the test area alot darker. And what do I need to do if anything to prep the deck before the application? Any help would be great.

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    thanks for the help.

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    You should first clean the deck thoroughly. Go to the home center and buy a product made specifically for cleaning decks. After it is cleaned then let it dry thoroughly. Then apply a deck sealer with UV protection.

    Check out this article on the TOH website for details:,00.html

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    I agree with the post. I bought an inexpensive pressure washer , Karcher , and used a cleaner before I sealed it. I will clen it this year as there is still a little dirt and green stuff that has shown up this year. The pressure washer takes some getting used to since you can leave uneven patterns , I did but the learning curve is good.

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