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    Default leaking shower head

    help!!! I have a leaky shower head around the thread of the pipe. I have placed new thread seal tape twice and even doubled up on it and it still leaks a little. The shower head connector is not plastic it's metal and screws on properly. Any suggestions or reasons why this is still happening?

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    Default Re: leaking shower head

    Are you only using one or two wraps of teflon tape on those threads? It takes more than that to create a good seal, particularly if there are flaws in the threads. Your shower head may also require a washer for proper sealing.

    If no washer is required, try 6 to 10 wraps of teflon tape. If the shower head will allow for the application of a wrench, then snug it down without using excessive force. If you can't put a wrench on it, then use pliers and a rag to cushion the jaws from scratching the shower head and again, snug it down. Retest for leak, and tighten slightly as necessary until the leak stops.

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    Default Re: leaking shower head

    You need a welder that will get the leak for good

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