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    Default Loud vibration when an outdoor water valve is turned on.

    Everytime I turn on an outside water valve I hear a loud, vibrating sound. I have two valves going to different locations outside. One has no problems at all and the other one has this problem. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Loud vibration when an outdoor water valve is turned on.

    This is often caused by a loose or broken washer inside the faucet at the valve seat, or possibly even a loose or worn valve seat.

    You'll have to shut down the line and remove the cap screw, handle and screw-on cap so you can examine the washer.

    Buy a small blister pack of flat and oval neophrene washers to have handy so you can see if just a new washer will do the trick.

    Some outdoor faucets are of the frost-free design; they have a very long stem and some have a vacuum break feature that, when it leaks, can also cause vibration.

    Otherwise the frost-free faucets are the same as other compression faucets.
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