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    Question Knot hole bleed through

    Have installed beadboard in a sunroom last year. Had painted with a primer (KILZ 2 coats)on both sides and 2-3 coats of white latex semi-gloss paint. Knot holes have bled through in multiple areas.
    Would appreciate your advice on how to treat them before painting again.

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    Knots can be tough to cover. Get a can of aerosol lacquer or pigmented shellac and spray several coats on each knot. Reprime these spots with your stain block primer (to reduce shadowing caused by sheen of lacquer or shellac ), then repaint. Should do the trick.

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    Default Re: Knot hole bleed through

    thanks for the tips. will give it a go.

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    An old method is to use aluminum paint over the knots. Be sure to use oil based Kilz rather than latex KILZ, it is about 10 times better at stain blocking.
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