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    Cool Moss taking control of lawn

    pfiorino@nycap.rr.comI have Moss taking control of the front lawn. What can I do to stop and remove lawn in order to reseed? I would like to have a green plush lawn. I did remove some of the spots with a rake and seeded last summer and the spots grew grass nicely but I am worried that the moss will take over the spots again. what options do i have to solve this problem.

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    The problem with mosses that they are hard to kill, they can go without water for years and with one drop are back to living. Your best bet is to manually remove the moss. If I can recall from the Bryophyte course I took a couple semesters ago, mosses require water to produce their sporophytes as well as transport them to make more patches. I am guessing your grass will probably more tolerant to drought than the moss, because they have root systems that go rather deep, where as moss has little to none. You might want to try to prevent moisture getting in the area with moss and see what that does. Who knows, if anything, the moss will dry out and you will have an easier time seeing and removing the moss.

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    You might consider embracing and encouraging it sounds pretty. And no mowing is a plus. But IF you dead set on it Moss usually likes very acidic soils. Start with some soil analisys and adjust the pH and micro nutrients from there to where its more suitable for turf. Before you invest in seed and all see what will work best in your region. Some areas require contoinual maintainence for shade lawns.

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