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    Default Need advice on how to properly insulate a bathroom and duct work

    This relates to another message in the Baths forum, but basically I am looking for advice on how to properly insulate along the exterior wall(s) of a bathroom. A recent energy audit showed that there is no insulation along the exterior wall adjacent to where the tub sits.

    Should I attempt to temporarily remove the tub and install some form of rigid insulation along the exterior walls, or would a foam application work best?

    The same energy audit also showed that there is little -- if any -- insulation in the boxes under the addition that house the duct work. Should I install rigid insulation around the boxes? Remove the boxes? Inject foam? Caulk around joints?

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    Default Re: Need advice on how to properly insulate a bathroom and duct work

    You could use blown in insulation provided you can get to the whole cavity.If you can remove the dry wall and foam it then do that.As far as the duct work it should be wrapped or lined .If you had an IR scan then the lack of insulation may also be duct leaks so see if the duct has been sealed with mastic at all the joints if your in there anyway.

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