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    VCR's not withstanding, I have an analog DVR. It does require a converter box but I have to remember to set the channel on the converter box before the program comes on. I have lost the TV Guide feature on that box, which was my favorite feature, but I have come across a new converter box sold through Dish Network that will work the the DVR's G-Link. It will also download the new digital TV guide onto the old DVR. Its called DTVpal plus and costs about $70. It is eligible for the coupon. I haven't got one yet but will soon.

    It will also work with any VCR that is G-Link enabled.

    G-Link was the infrared think that you plugged into the back of the VCR and pointed at the cable bos to get it to change channels when it was time to do a programmed recording.

    Forgot to add, this only works for OTA, it does NOT work with Dish Network, go figure. The also have an HD DVR for OTA only that costs $250. I just got mine. It will also control the old DVR but only if I disable all the features I paid for and use it as a converter box only, thats not going to happen.
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