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    Since originally posting the subject about HD sources I had mentioned about the DVD options of HD DVD and BlueRay.
    It was also mentioned about a battle between the two formats and which one will win out as the format of choice.

    Well Toshiba which was the manufacturer behind the HD DVD format has announced it has decided to re-evaluate it's system and decided not to pursue it any longer.

    In other words .... the battle is over .... looks as though the BlueRay format is the deal now for High Definaition alternative.

    Just to update things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keith3267 View Post
    There is certainly a misconception about the old interlace standard. A lot of people think that the picture is a 480 line picture transmitted in two parts, that is not true. It was a 240 line picture transmitted twice. The cameras of the period were only able to capture a 240 line picture every 1/30th of a second, but it was transmitted twice in that timeframe to reduce visible flicker on the TV set.
    There's a name for the 240-line analogue video transmitted twice... I think they used to call it "industrial sync". In other words, even at the time it was something not adequate for broadcast use, but if you were a factory looking for a camera so that the night watchperson could more easily keep an eye on the place, for that it might do.

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