The previous owner of our house painted the wooden master bath vanity a color we did not like. Plus, even after years, the paint was never truly dry...it was always a little tacky and the paint would cause the doors to stick a little bit.

So I removed the doors and hardware, stripped the paint, sanded everything, brushed on a coat of primer, then brushed on a coat of Valspar interior latex (mildew resistant) paint. Now, after 24 hours, the paint is still a little bit tacky (just like the previous paint was after several years). It is also difficult to sand with 220 grit before the second coat because the sanding doesn't produce fine powder, but rather tends to rip off small pieces of paint.

Is there something I did wrong? I guess it would've been better to use spray paint, no? Can the project be salvaged without major effort?

Thanks in advance,