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    Default need to replace floor joists

    We live in a 1958 Ranch style home. Our floor joists have rotted due to no moisture barrier. We are replacing the plastic on the ground. We have to rplace the joists also, should we tear up all the flooring or just try going under the house to fix this problem? Any advise is needed our living room floor is completely fell in.

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    Default Re: need to replace floor joists

    That is certainly going to be a very big and difficult job since you are going to have to support any loads that are on the joists that are being removed. You may actually have to jack up the exterior walls if they are resting on the joists and if the joists are rotted its probably a pretty good bet that the sills are rotted too and will need to be replaced. If you are not very experienced in carpentry this may be better left to a pro who has done this type of work. If however you are going to tackle it yourself it would be much easier to do it from above rather than working in a crawl space and I think you'll end up with a much better job. Sounds like you already have to replace the floor in the living room since it caved in. Also take out a permit if you have not already. I know that people hate to take out permits but it is very important to make sure that everything is done properly and to code. Hope this helps you out.

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