I found a great site for this product: radiantguard.com.
I am wondering whether anyone has used this product or a similar one and does it provide the savings, on heating and cooling a home, as advertised? It was gov't approved for energy savings during tax years 2005-07, but not for '08 that I know of. We live in a frame home built on a slab - approx. 1800 sf living space in 2 stories and 250 sf bonus room over the garage. It's located near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Question for TOH: Since installing this in the attic, either directly on the floor's insulation or just under the rafters, is so highly rated for energy savings, why was something like this not included in this month's edition of TOH in the Green House section article titled "Spend a Little, Save a Lot"? The cost of the material for an attic our size is about $150 when installed directly on the floor. I am thinking about installing it myself.

Any comments, guys?