The house we're renting has taken a notion to have power surges. The lights, microwave, fans, all dim & the computer even blinks & throws off what I'm doing & has to be 'refreshed'. And does the same thing when the A/C cuts on & off. We have changed most of the breakers at the back of the house & has helped some, but continues to be a problem for 3 wks. now. It is especially worse during lightning storms. Is it the transformer on the outside power pole? Is this dangerous? Once or twice I thought I smelled burning wires. It's beginning to scare me. My husband is ill & not able right now to do much about it. The owner is quite elderly & we try to help her out. Do you have any suggestions to this house's ailments? Is there a percentage of voltage difference on each phase of a 2 phase pole?Thanks for your help. TRW