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    Default Popping Hot water Heater

    We have been in our house three years in January. We live on the southeast side of Indianapolis, IN. Our house was a new house with a new 65 gallon natural gas hot water heater. We have a Kinetico whole house system which was installed about a week after we moved in. Our problem is that our water heater is making loud poping noises. I understand that a build up of calcium in the tank can cause that but our water heater is not quite 3 years old. I'm concerned that we may have to replace it. Got any suggestions?


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    eaarcher did say they have awater softener, a Kinetico whole house system if that's any help.
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    Thanks for the input and sorry for the confusion. We have the 4 tank / city water softener system from Kinetico. Our water heater is made by A.O. Smith. It is the "ProMax +plus High Recovery" model. The poping sound happens off and on during the day but gets louder and more pronounced when there is any demand on it. Hope that helps clear up things.

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    Thanks again for the help. At for service to the Hot Water Heater. I, unfortunately, haven't done any. I I am a DIY'er and I will check the link for the procedure on how to service it. will check into it as soon as the weather breaks enough to drain it.

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