I live in the Highlands and use a sump to keep the water out of my basement and assuming my neighbors too. The drainpipe is located at the side of my house with a 3ft alley seperating my neighbors house. When my pump runs it deposits down the alley 7 ft or so toward the sidewalk and right to the base of his front stairs. This is very troubling especially in the winter as the front of his house becomes sheets of ice from my drainage.
This problem arose a few years ago when the city installed new sidewalks, changing the pitch. I've thought of extending and redirecting the drainpipe but the water would be at my front steps then back into my basement. I also thought about a french drain but again, back into my basement the water would go. Maybe a rain barrel? I've got most of my hair pulled out over this one! Mostly, my neighbor shouldn't have to deal with it.
Please, someone, anyone....help.