I would like advice on what to use in a new ceiling in a basement room. I want to be able to get to the space between this ceiling and the floor above as this is the space that all the electrical, duct work, plumbing etc is running in. Hence, I do not want to use plaster board. I am looking for some material that could be easily attached to the furring strips (16inch on center) that are running perpendicular to the joists. I'd like the sections to be easily removable for access into the space between ceiling and the floor above. Because I already have lighting and sprinklers in place.....and because I do not want to lower the ceiling.....I am looking for a material that is 3/8" thick. (I don't want a "dropped ceiling") If it had some accustical (sound deadening properties) that would be great as it will be the ceiling of the "family rec room" and the formal living room is above it! Any advice would be welcome.