I had a garage built on to my house 2-3 years ago. All was fine until I put the drywall up. Now this only happens in the winter months, I noticed that there was condensation build up in my attic and it turned into mold this winter. It got so bad that in started to grow inside my garage where the ceiling and wall meet. I called the contracter and he came out and said that I wasnt getting enough ventilation and he doesnt know why not. He didnt offer to fix the problem or even try to help me out. I had a liscensed roofer come out and he noticed right away that the shingles he laid wasnt right. He said that I might have to tear the roof, sheathing insulation and even my drywall inside my gargae out. I have almost $20,000 invested in my garage, shouldnt the responsibilty lay on the contracter for fixing my problem. I paid him to have a functinal garage now all I have is mold and a garage I cant use and he suggested on ways that "I" could fix it. (makes me a little mad) What should I do and how to handle this...Any response or comments would be appreciated.Thx guys
The contracted built everything, all I did was the electrical, insulation inside the garage and the drywall