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I have a 2-story home in central texas (very humid) and my HVAC will not cool my home, 2400 sqft and the ac (coils not sure what it's called) will freeze up and then no air from the fan can get through to the plenum, I am completely at a loss. any help will be great,
One very common problem of freezing A coils, is the lack of proper sized ducts to move air away from the evaporator coils. We had that very problem in an office where the unit was constantly freezing up, and making a mess. There were several different service people called over the years, only to have the very same problem, Finally, we caller a very small hardware's service man to look at our problem. (the town only has 132 people) Bingo..he discovered the original duct work was never large enough to handle the CFM's for the unit. After installing larger duct work, there has never been a problem since. If the cold air cannot get away from the condenser on a very humid day, it can only freeze up, and cause problems.

I would recommend having a good service man compare the duct size to the size of your air conditioner unit, to see if it was ever large enough originally.

It could be possibly, as one person suggested, that the A-coil is plugged......maybe even the outdoor unit is plugged. You can just flush that out with water.

Good luck.