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    Default Marble Countertops

    The July/August issue shows two of the kitchens with marble countertops. I have been told that marble should not be used and that granite is the stone of choice. I would prefer marble. Am I making a mistake?

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    Marble is less scratch-resistant & stains more easily. In a kitchen, it would be a maintenance headache. It would be more suitable as a vanity top.


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    Default Re: Marble Countertops

    Yes, you are making a mistake! Unless you want stained countertops in a short time (sometimes described as "worn" or "antique" - don't be deceived; it will just look stained) do not go this route. Marble would work for a smaller baking area. A good option is a white granite. It looks very much like marble, with gray veining, but will give you a much better surface.

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    oddly enough there seems to me more people in the south west that desire marble counter tops. some people like the aged look that marble gets over time, (called patina) marble is more pourous so a person does have to be much more careful of stains. (in my mind there is a big difference between spilled g**** juice and even rings from where a person always sits their water glass) I would be less adverse to putting marble or onyx on a wet bar. some onyx can have under counter lighting which gives off a real nice glow (especially honey onyx)
    but I don't try to convince the coustomer, I try to give them or make sure they have all the information with which to make an informed decision.

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