About two years ago my wife and I moved into a one bedroom condo within the Heritage Hill Historic District in Grand Rapids Michigan. Being a city planner, I instantly wanted to get involved in the neighborhood association and love everything about our neighborhood.

Now that we are expecting our first child, we realize that our one bedroom condo is not the best place to raise a kid (it is only 650 square feet), so we are looking within the neighborhood for a new home.

While I love the idea of getting a massive historic home that I can fix up when the funding presents its self, what suggestions in looking for a historic home would you have? There are about 5 homes that are for sale right now within our price range, some fully finished, some that, well one needs to be completely renovated because of water pipes exploding in the winter.

What should I look for and what are some of the more expensive renovations that I could do? I know how and have done everything but plumbing… that I am not so comfortable with.