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    Default Exterior water based stain over oil based

    I believe my exterior cedar shakes and clapboard have some type of oil based stain. Finish has a very slight sheen also. Would like to restain with a water based stain. Will I run into any future problems?

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    Default Re: Exterior water based stain over oil based

    Bobs, For years I have used the oil based version of Cabot's stain as a primer when I have encountered extremely dried and weathered cedar siding. I would then give the oil stain a minimum of a week to dry ( in warm, dry weather ) and then top coat with the same color of Cabot acrylic stain. Most of my customers were long term and I never had a call back concerning problems with this system. Cabots itself recommends their oil primer as a base coat. I believe their concern is with people possibly staining over stain which had not thoroughly dried. Primers have chemical driers added, oil stains do not and therefore take longer to dry.

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