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    Default Crown Indirect Hot Water Heater Leaking

    Hello All,
    I am new to the board so please bare with me. I purchased a home in the Philadelphia Suburbs about a year and a half ago that was equipped with a Crown Indirect Hot Water heater. My home inspector checked out the system and seemed impressed with it. Unfortunately, it began leaking about a month ago and now there is a constant puddle on the floor of my basement. I contacted my heating oil company as I have a service contract with them and they stated that the unit needed to be replaced. They installed the unit 11 yrs ago and the technician told me that there was nothing that he could see on them that they could service, and the only course of action was to replace it. In checking into the warranty on the unit it appears that Crown Warranties their units for life, however it is non-transferable if the original owner sells the property. So here I sit with a leaking boiler.

    My question is, are these units serviceable and if so, what can be done with them? I am a carpenter by trade so I am handy but know little about heating systems. If the unit can not be serviced is there a better alternative to this system now.

    The boiler is oil fired and Gas is not available in my neighborhood. Should I look at a electric hot water heater in it's place.

    Any help you folks could offer would be greatly appreciated!
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