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    Default How do I fix my sticky shower door?

    We have a "frameless" shower door and it sticks when we try to shut it. We have to slam it 2-3 times before it shuts. I found on the TOH website how to fix a sticky shower door, but it says nothing about a "frameless" shower door. Help!

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    Default Re: How do I fix my sticky shower door?

    Is the door jambing on the frame (opening ) or is it the catch itself that is not operating properly? If the door is askew in the opening, you'll need to adjust this, which may be easy or more difficult depending on the door and how it's hung. If it's the catch, then this is usually as simple as adjusting the catch or a little lubrication on it to make it operate a little more freely.

    The catch is generally held in place by a couple screws. Loosen those screws and set it so that there is resistance to open/close the door without the excessive use of force. The door assembly is usually a bit harder to work with and will depend on the hardware whether an adjustment can be made or the door has to be replumbed.

    Please post a little more info on the door and catch systems, with pictures if possible, for better clarification of the problem and possible remedies.

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    Question Re: How do I fix my sticky shower door?

    Ours is doing the same thing. It's frameless (except on the one side where it "attaches" into a long U-shaped clamp-like thing with rubber on the inside) and so the video didn't help because I have no idea how to "loosen" the glass from the clamps and adjust it. The magnetic clasp is fine, it's just that since the door is not aligned with the "hole" the bottom corner catches on the frame when we try to shut it and we have to slam it a couple of times or bump it from the outside to get it to close. It's like over time gravity or use has pulled the top of the glass slightly out of the clamp/hinge. Anybody know how to loosen the clamp/hinge so I can push the glass back up? All the screws I've found seem to only be for connecting the clamp/hinge to the wall. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!

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