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    Default Bathroom fan through plaster wall

    My 106 year old, vinyl over wood covered house has a 2nd floor bathroom. The BR has plaster walls and ceilings. There is a room above and below the bathroom. The bathroom does have an exterior wall with a newer window.

    I am getting a mold problem from shower use. ARe there wall mounted ventilation fans that will not let cold air in when the fan is off?

    I have never cut a hole in plaster, but I will gladly try (with a little advise). There is a light fixture on the outside wall so I could get electric to a fan.

    Are there window mounted fans for this purpose which would keep me from cutting hole in the wall?


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    Default Re: Bathroom fan through plaster wall

    I have not used one of these fans but I did a search for "Wall Mounted Bathroom Vent Fans" and this was one that came up on this web site.

    It comes with an exterior hood with a back-draft damper which should prevent drafts.

    As far as cutting through plaster that can be a messy undertaking. I once saw an electrician on TOH use a 4-1/2" angle grinder to cut out for an electrical box. The thinking was that a reciprocating saw would vibrate the wall to much and some of the plaster wall would crack or fall off the lath. I have not tried this method. You could also probably use a hole saw but it could be difficult with all the nails in the lath.

    As far as the electrical that could be a problem. If you used the exterior light fixture you may have to leave the switch for it on all the time or turn it on any time you want to take a shower which could be a pain. In any case you should check with the electrical inspector in your town to find out any requirements that may be necessary. Hope this helps you out.

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