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    Default Recycling rainwater

    Okay, I think I bit off a little more than I can chew....

    I live in the SE (Florida) which is currently under severe drought conditions. My "bright" idea was to start collecting rainwater from the gutters so that I could keep our garden alive. I thought that I could hide the rainbarrels in the garden and just use gravity drip irrigation...

    When I received the 55-gallon rain barrels, I was shocked to see how huge they were. I cannot "hide" them in the garden. I have two options - either bury them half-way in the garden and use a small waterfall pump, or hide them on the side yard of the house which will require that I run a line underneath the driveway - which will then most probably require another pump.

    Any ideas? or any suggestions on which method would be best? I like to think that I am a moderately skilled handyman, but I think this one is a little over my head.


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    Default Re: Recycling rainwater

    I have seen barrels at the bottom of a down spout. It looked good in the application I saw. I also live in Florida. There are a number of ways to hide them. You could use plants, or picket fence. Maybe a combination of both. But, as you say you will most likely need a pump to run it through any type of irragation.

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    Default Re: Recycling rainwater

    You could put the barrels in your garden, above ground, and hide them behind a trellis with some sort of vine growing on it. Trellis' are easy to build and very attractive in their own right, add a vine or climbing rose and you get the screen you need and something beautiful to look at, all in one neat package.

    Here is a trellis I built a few years ago.

    If you'd like to see more of this and the one next to it, go here:
    <click me>

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    Default Re: Recycling rainwater

    I like the idea of a trellis......but I wouldn't rule out digging a trench and concealing the barrels on the other side of the lawn. This of course is probably only a good idea if you have a gravel driveway.

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