I am looking into purchasing a home that is a 100 year old boarding house in what used to be an old railroad town. What are the deal breakers when looking at a historic home? I can easily see all the benefits. But what should I be cautious about. There is some water damage on the exterior, which resulted in a small hole under the eave. Yes, pigeons could probably nest there!! There is also some ceiling damage(water stains)upstairs but appears to be old, maybe before the roof was fixed. Don't know for sure. Unfortunately the windows are also original and there is no heating upstairs. BUT the house is straight and "feels" solid. Everything is original! Very little has ever been changed, all woodwork remains unpainted, only two rooms have been carpeted, 3 sets of working double pocket doors, and more doors and hardware than a lover of old homes could ever want. Even the three exterior doors, including the screen doors are original. It also has two staircases, 9 foot ceilings and the large wrap around porch. Is there anything that should keep me from purchasing this original beauty? I will try to be back with pics.