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    Default 1920's Insulation Question

    The picture below is of insulation from the attic of my home built in 1923. It’s some type of pressed natural fiber that’s about an inch thick. It’s sandwiched between the attic boards and the floor joists.

    Can someone give me an idea of what it is? Does it likely contain asbestos? Thanks

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    Default Re: 1920's Insulation Question

    What you have looks very much like a by-product of sugarcane processing called 'bagasse'. The majority of bagasse today is burned by the sugarmills to produce the steam to run the factory.
    But many years ago, after the sugarcane was shredded, ground, and pressed to remove the juice,the left over fibers were pressed into sheets and mats and used in a variety of ways. Celotex board was one application and what you have in your attic looks very much like a pressed bagasse product.

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