Hi, my name is Julie from New York. My husband and I just moved in to an old apartment building last month on the first floor. We both like our new place because it's very convinience to everywhere.
However, we are kind of having problem with our neighbors, upstairs and nextdoors. We clearly can hear there are two adults and two boys living above us, because we hear loudly all activities they do, even when they just walk and talk. When they wake up at 3:30 am, it wakes up us too. When they go to bed at 11pm, we do too. Other thing is really bothering us is when people nextdoors whatch tv. We can tell what kind of movie/tv program they are whatching to. When they start turning their tv on, it sounds like we are whatching our own tv.

We've nicely talked to both family about it, but nothing have worked out.

Our question is: is there anything we can do or install to reduce the noise?? Please, I really need your advise. Thank you very much for your attantion.