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    Default Deck Beams OR Sandwitched 2 x materials

    I have noticed some parts of the country (published how to books) use 4 X __ Beams for Building decks. Other parts of the country uses 2 X __ material sandwitch (nailed) together to create a beam, What is the best method. IS the method by region, (ie) the west coast has not caught up to the east coast. Thanks

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    Default Re: Deck Beams OR Sandwitched 2 x materials

    It could be any number of things, from needing a particular dimension (sandwiched 2x's are thinner than a 4x ), 4x material isn't available in the species/type of beam needed, could be a material species/type availability, or cost, etc. It could also be just personal preference. You mention an East/West coast difference. It could be the same as the sidewinder (east coast ) and worm drive (west coast ) preference.

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