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    I'm not sure if I should install a humidification system or not. Here is the setup:

    Essentially new construction. We only utilized the lower level foundation and that level's concrete walls. Two new stories. Cape style 3 level home.

    Space pac in attic for cooling.

    In-floor heat (not staple-up) utilizing a boiler system for heating.

    Honeywell closed-cell Enovate insulation throughout.

    IPE hardwoods on all three levels.

    Likely to install a air to air recirc system.

    Should I install a humidification system?

    House on the water in the great-lakes. My thought is I can somewhat counteract any expansion/contraction of the hardwood floors during winter by utilizing the humidification system. But I don't have any previous experience in building such a home.

    What are folks recommending?


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    Ir your home is a HI E or energy star type home then all the air in and out, minus cooking and showers etc, are controlling temp and humidity.If you have a tight environment then you should control humidty meaning to about 50%. So you need both ends (de) and (re) humidification-with controls on the HVAC for both.
    you can under shoot a little but over shooting can lead to mold, spend the money if you have it for a comprehensive system.they aren't much more.

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