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    Default Ceramic, electric range top

    Hi again,

    I just posted in the 'sinks' section about how to clean our skitchen sink in our new home, and now I have a question about the stove.

    In our old house we had a gas range, but now we have an electric one with a ceramic range top. My wife doesn't know what to use to clean it that won't damage it. There are lots of warnings in the instruction manual about being careful as to the substances one would use to clean it. So, any ideas of what would be safe to use? She's tried Windex and that works well, but it could work out pretty expensive, and I'm worried that the ammonia in Windex may not be safe to use.


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    Default Re: Ceramic, electric range top

    I put a new one in my old house and this is the stuff that came with it to clean it................ And yeah, the deal was; Ceramic was okay as long as I cleaned it. The products worked
    very well IMHO.

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