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    Default Gutter is causing leaks

    I have water leaking from my soffit (summer and winter). I think what is happening is the water from the roof is getting inside my gutter ferrules and following the gutter spike through the wood causing a drip.

    The major offending spike was driven in at a slight angle which allows the water to follow it toward the house. Should I pull it out and re-nail it? What do I do with the old hole in the aluminum faicia and gutter? The house is about 18 years old, original roof.

    Thanks, Bob

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    Default Re: Gutter is causing leaks

    I would make certain this is the problem, If you have large amounts leaking I would think that it is more of an issue with the gutters not being properly pitched. The water should not be sitting in the gutters long enough for it to run back through the wall. Check and make sure the gutters are cleaned out and downspouts are functioning properly, then caulk around the offending spike. This should fix your issue, if it doesn't, then remove the spike and relocate it. They sell a gutter patch at most home stores that you can install over the area of the leak that should solve the other issue, if that doesn't work I would get a piece of matching aluminuim and skin the damaged area.

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