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    Default Replacing floor planks in old house

    I have an 1900's house with mostly original hardwood floors. Unfortunately, some complete moron took up the hardwood around the perimeter of one room and replaced it with plywood.
    How do I go about matching the floor planks? I was thinking of trying to find old planks reclaimed from an old house or something. Would that be easier than using new planks?
    And does anyone know of any sources for older hardwood planks?
    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    Default Re: Replacing floor planks in old house

    Matching the planks will be difficult - our 80 + year old house had a fish tank leak and pop up floor boards. We discovered that the older planks were only 2 inches wide compared to todays wider planks. First thing would be to see if you could reclaim hardwood used in other rooms in your house like closets. Put the new wood in the closet where matching would not be an issue and use the original for the perimeter of your room.

    We replaced ours with plywood because we have carpeting in the room and couldn't stretch our budget to cover this unexpected incident - we just needed a level floor a.s.ap. Good luck. If I hear of any place I'll post it to your thread.

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    Default Re: Replacing floor planks in old house

    There are three alternatives:
    Have new flooring milled from new stock by a custom mill. Will look like new wood.
    Find suitable salvage flooring in a matching width and species. Will better match what you have, but often impossible to find.
    Have new flooring milled from reclaimed material. Will still look fairly new because it's free of most defects, but is very expensive.
    These are listed in my estimation of cost from lowest to highest.
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    Default Re: Replacing floor planks in old house

    Home salvage stores in metropolitan areas have wood planks at about $13 a sq ft.

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