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    Default Looking for Floor Medallion How-to

    Hi. I have been installing and refinishing hardwood floors for the last 10+ years and love the DIY aspect! Now I am going to put hardwood in the last remaining room of my home and REALLY want to make my own compass rose, for this is the eastern-most facing room to my lake and as a avid sailor, I just have to have this wonderful display of self-craftsmanship.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to the right books to guide me through such a job? Specific titles are most appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Looking for Floor Medallion How-to

    You'll probably want to look at woodworking books related to "inlay" work.

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    Default Re: Looking for Floor Medallion How-to

    Books on marquetry or intarsia may also be helpful.
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    Default Re: Looking for Floor Medallion How-to

    Fine Homebuilding Magazine ran a pretty good article on hardwood medallions several years ago. You can probably purchase a backissue, but if not, I would highly reccomend becoming an ****** member. Here's the link:
    The article does a good job of desribing the installation, which is by far the most critical aspect of the job. The author's general technique can be applied to a medallion of almost any shape.

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