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    Default Re: Radiant floor heating system

    The best way to get definitive answers to your questions is to consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Contractors" and get several free estimates of the variables involved in this decision.

    I don't see any problem installing hydronic pex radiant in Montreal.

    Unless you have hydroelectric power available in your area, an electric boiler would be exhorbitant to run.

    Better choices would be a variable condensing natural gas boiler at ~95% efficiency (if gas is available in your area).

    If not, there are high-efficient oil-fired boilers (3-pass boilers, or now coming on the market condensing oil-fired boilers).

    I don't see the heating system hurting the rosewood; the water temp in these systems is kept at ~120 degrees F., or lower.

    In the final analysis, the local contractors in your area are best qualified to offer suggestions on the best heating system for your particular situation.
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