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    Ever heard you must have 30" between the toilet and the powder room sink??? I want to set them at a 90% angle to each other with the sink to the front of the toilet completely and to the left side of it about leaving about 37" from the wall the toilet is sitting nearest across to the sink opposite and it sits clear of the toilet. The total width of that area is 55 inches. The powder room in entered from the end and is about 86.5 inches deep. There will be almost 58.5 inches from the doorway to the toilet as that room depth is the 86.5inches deep.

    The sink must set 27 inches in as a closet juts into that right corner of the room about 20.inches. We are in NY state. Any thoughts.

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    Ever heard you must have 30" between the toilet and the powder room sink???
    I believe you are referring to the general rule of thumb for the minimum width needed from obstructions to provide enough space to comfortably sit on the toilet.
    For example -------- there is a wall on one side of the toilet and the sink is on the other side ----- you would need a minimum of 30 inches of width between the wall and edge of sink ( or cabinet ) to be able to sit on the toilet.

    Otherwise you can have whatever distance you want between the toilet and sink.

    However, if you are relocating the sink elsewhere keep in mind that a 1 1/4 inch drain can't be any further than 5 ft ( 6 feet for 1 1/2 inch ) from the vented stack. Otherwise you would need to extend a vent line to the fixture if you exceed those distances.

    Of course you need to check with your local building inspection office as to local codes.

    Hopefully this helps.
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