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    Default Buried aluminum secondary

    I live in a mobile home, and I recently have had a problem with my electric. It has been determined that my secondary electric is bad. My meter is approximately 50' from my mobile home, with a disconnect box on the back of my home. My question is - Is it possible to repair the aluminum buried wire, or does is have to be replaced? I am almost positive that the fault is within 5' of the disconnect box, hit when my phone service was plowed into the ground.

    Let me add that the electric company is not responsible for this side of the meter, I am. So, is there something that a homeowner can use to repair aluminum wire?
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    Utility companies repair underground cable all the time . There are splice kits with epoxy type sealers and they take a bit of skill to do it right . The cost of materials and labor to make a professional repair might be nearly as much as the cost to replace the cable . You'r going to have to consult a pro to get the costs for both options .

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    I would recommend replacing the service wire. As i see it you have two problems, one the wire was not buried deep enough, the telephone wire is usually only put down about 6 to 8 inches and two underground splices are an iffy job for an armature.
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