Question and any help would be beneficial, we moved into our house roughly two years ago and painted the bathroom and within a period of time started noticing what appeared to be possibly nicotine stains start to leach through the wall. With this said we attacked the issue by repainting the bathroom first using a base coat of KILZ Primer and then applied the actual paint that was said to be specifically for bathrooms. In doing so the problem actually has gotten worse now the paint pretty much runs down the wall at times. We were under the impression that the KILZ would seal the wall off and eliminate the issue. It should be noted that we do have an exhaust fan in the room and make it general practice to leave the door cracked open while showering. Our house is also heated with baseboard hot water heat and the room is located within the center of the home.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, we are at a loss for how to solve the issue.