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    Default Furnace Conversion

    I am buying a home that currently uses LP Gas but there is Natural Gas at the road. How can furnace be converted from LPG to Natural? Or would it be better to have hvac serviceman do it and if so abot how much money? Thanks

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    Default Re: Furnace Conversion

    This should be left to a professional.

    Costs for conversion would also depend on the furnace condition and age .... it may be cost effective to replace the furnace if it's older ...... also the decommisioning of the propane tank and lines as well as any costs to bring the NG to the home.

    Check with the NG utility to see if they would provide the conversion service on the furnace itself .... they might do this for a nominal fee to get your business .... worth a try.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Furnace Conversion

    I have to agree with Canuk "This should be left to a professional." Although the furnace conversion its self is simple, the replacement of the orifices and a spring in the gas valve, the preparation, adjustment, and installation requires a license in many jurisdictions. In some locales soft copper was use to pipe LP, that would have to be replaced with black pipe, a line run from the natural gas line to the house, a gas meter installed, and every thing pressure tested. Because we can't really guess local labor rates,code requirements ,and length of excavation necessary it is impossible for us to estimate cost. I would suggest you get several estimates locally.
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