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    Default Double squeaky floors

    I am currently battling squeaky floors in the second level of my home with carpeting. The squeaks are in a hallway and a bedroom. I saw the episode where Tommy helped someone out by using the Squeeeeek No More kit. I purchase the kit and applied many screws according to the directions in the hall and bedroom. The squeaks remain. I walked the floor both in the hallway and in the bedroom. It sounds like the squeaks are coming from under the partition wall separating the hall and bedroom. How do I eliminate that squeak?

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    Default Re: Double squeaky floors

    I know this is a bit late, but did you ever eliminate the squeaks and if you did how? I had the same problem with the "Squeeek no More" product. Sank over 20 scews and still have the squeaks. I just bought a hand held metal detector and hope I'll be able to locate the nail heads and drive more screws that way.
    Let me know how you made out.

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