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    Default Re: Not enough hot water to fill the tub

    Hot Water Heater 101 ...

    The diptube is another name for the cold water inlet which is used to deliver the incoming cold water toward the bottom of the hot water tank.

    This helps to prevent the cold, denser water from mixing with the hot water which is lighter and remains in the upper portion of the unit.

    Dip tubes that have broken off or leaking inside the hot water tank allow the cold water to mix with the hot water. This is one reason why it will seem like the hot water does not last as long.

    While there is no hot water being used the temperature inside the tank will be fine until there is a demand for hot water. Depending where the diptube is leaking will determine how much hot water is available before it starts cooling off. The cold water entering the tank will start mixing with the hot water lowering the temperature.

    When a dip tube breaks down inside the hot water tank, small plastic chips or flakes (pieces of the dip tube) may enter the household piping, get caught in the aerator screen at the tap and block the flow of water. Depending upon the manufacturer, some of the dip tube particles float, some sink and some may appear greenish or tan coloured.

    While the chips do not pose a health risk, since they clog household faucets and appliances and diminish the heater efficiency and effectiveness, the dip tube should be fixed.

    Another reason is .... sediment buildup in the tank.

    As water heaters age, they tend to accumulate sediment and lime deposits. If the heaters are not cleaned periodically, the sediment may rise to a level that will act as a barrier between the burner and the water, making it harder to heat. For every half inch of sediment on the bottom of a gas fired water heater, it requires about 70% more fuel to heat the water.

    For an electric heater ... one of the elements is not functioning.

    Check this link :

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    Default Re: Not enough hot water to fill the tub

    Try turning the recirculator off and see if the water stays hot. It may have been hooked up backwards.
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    Cool Re: Not enough hot water to fill the tub

    I have turned the recirculator off and it still does heat properly.

    After a little internet research, I have found that you need a directional valve installed in the line to insure water flows in the correct direction. I do not remember seeing one. I will check when I get home.

    This would explain it. If it is flowing in the wrong direction in the loop then water would be coming from the bottom of the tank.
    Does this sound reasonable?

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    Default Re: Not enough hot water to fill the tub

    Quote Originally Posted by tbgworldwide View Post
    I did a quick search and found that 120 degrees at the tap is recomended. It takes 10 minutes of exposure to 120 degree water to cause damage to children. Check and see what your temperature is at the tap. You may need to adjust it. But thats just my opinion. How far of a run is it from the heater to the tub?
    Better check again. I think its more like 10 seconds.

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    Angry Re: Not enough hot water to fill the tub

    We are having the same problem. We purchased a house back in July and I had plenty of hot water. Now, we run the hot water for 5 minutes before we run out of water with a 50 gal hot water heater. Our plumber changed out both heating elements, the top one twice, but we still have the same problem. Now he is telling us that we have a hot water leak somewhere below our slab and that we have to re-pipe the hot water through the attic, which will cost quite a bit. Has anyone heard this before. I would hate to tell an 'expert' what may be wrong instead (perhaps the dip tube is failing).

    Just looking for some opinions.

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