Kevin O'Conner

I have a problem and you may be able to help me.
My living room, dinning room, kitchen and the foyer apprx. 550 S.F. total, is concrete slab placed on fill,
the contractor did a lousy job with the compaction and now I have about 2 in. settlement in the center.
I know that the floor can be levelled with lightweight or self levelling concrete, however, my concern is
adding more weight on top may not be the best solution. I was watching one of your programs where you used
a contractor to jack up a concrete patio slab by drilling holes and injecting some kind of material under pressure.
My queston is, can it be done on larger area like 550 S.F. and can you supply me with names of contractors
that do this type of work. I live in N.J.
Any other recommendations will be appreciated.

Gienek J. Puc