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    Question Birds of Paradise...

    I recently bought a house that has 2 giant birds of paradise plants in the front yard. I think they need to be pruned but 2 things are preventing me from doing anything.

    1. A fear of something living inside them (snakes, rats, etc...)
    2. No idea what a 'pruned' Bird of Paradise looks like.

    Here are pictures of the two plants:


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    Default Re: Birds of Paradise...

    I love Birds of Paradise unfortunately I live in Chicago and I can't have any BofP's. BUT, what I do have is my master gardner Tutu (grandmother in Hawaiian) in Hawaii that has some advise for you. If your BofP's are blooming DON'T prune! But if your BofP's have bloomed this year and are done blooming (no flowers on the bushes) then you should take the bush down to the ground. They will come back next year smaller but better than ever! Also, the only thing you should worry about living in the bushes are spiders! Wear gloves up to your elbows


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