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    Question The right way to rake

    Pine straw falls year round in Georgia and I was raking some up last weekend to get ready for the mowing season. A neighbor was out doing the same thing—he was raking the straw into lines and then condensing the lines into piles. I've always just stood in one spot and pulled in all the straw the rake could reach, so after I go 360 degrees I'm standing in a bullseye with a pile of straw at the middle.
    I think his method is OCD and a waste of time but he thinks I couldn't possibly get everything raked up my way. Who's right here? Is there a "proper" way to rake? Anybody have any good methods to share?

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    An OCD raker that is cracking me up!

    I would think that as long as the results were the same then either method would work. You mentioned that you were preparing for mowing you catch your grass? Would the mower pick up the pine straw, too? I guess, if you wanted to, you could rake it into rows and then mow it.

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    Post Re: The right way to rake

    Both methods are OK and will work well.
    Your Neighbor is doing it like a Farmer would do his Hay field
    First they cut it then they rake it in to long rows so that they can come back and Bale it.
    But hey your not Baling Hay so your way is cool too.

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    Default Re: The right way to rake

    Here's how you tell who's method is better. Grab your rake the next time you see him grab his, and see who finishes first. Then, walk over with an offering of a glass of iced-tea for a neighborly chit-chat (surreptitiously checking out the quality of his rake job against yours ).

    Bottom line, whatever gets the job done is the way to do it. Wind row it, pile it, hire the kid down the street, fire up the blower and blow them to the next yard ...

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