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    Default Downspout extension question

    I hope that I'm posting on the correct board! I didn't see one specifically targeted toward roofing and downspouts.

    My gutters and downspouts are relatively new and work fine, except that one downspout is positioned toward the driveway. This results in rain flowing down into the driveway, and freezing in the winter. Since I don't want an ice pond in my driveway, how do I reroute the downspout so that the rain will pour into the yard -- without making the yard look tacky? It looks like I might need to get an elbow joint and and extension piece, but I'm not sure what is needed and how to assemble them. Can anyone give me some tips and a crash course for this project?

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    Default Re: Downspout extension question

    You can get elbows at any home center. They slide together very simply. You cna route them any way you choose. You can put a sheet metal screw into the joint to keep them from separating.

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