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    Question Closet and kitchen cabinets doors

    Yesterday I went to open a kitchen cabinet and it appeared to be stuck. I finally open it. Later that evening I went to my linen closet and it did the same thing. When I finally got it open, I noticed some black stuff that appeared to be dust. I cleaned it but the door is still sticking from the top. What is happening? What should I do?

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    Default Re: Closet and kitchen cabinets doors

    Wood expands and contracts with the humidity. Is you have the doors shaved down to fit now they will be very loose when they dry out.
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    Default Re: Closet and kitchen cabinets doors

    JL is correct, it sounds like a humidity issue. Your kitchen cabinets if they have european hinges are adjustable with a phillips head screwdriver, I would just loosen the screws on it and fit it in the opening and re-tighten. As for your Linen closet, that could be any number of things and would depend on climate and room tempetures etc. I doubt this door would be able to be adjusted, but you might find that the door was not painted fully. If the door is not painted on all sides, meaning front back, sides and top and bottoms than the door can take in humidity, causing it to swell. Especially if the bottom is not painted but everything else is. With the bottom not being painted it allows moisture in, but no place for it to escape through as the rest of the door is sealed. The best thing to do is check it for that and if need be wait for the door to dry out and then paint the remaining edges that need it.

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