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    Unhappy replace a broken or damaged kitchen tile

    I have several damaged kitchen floor tiles which I would like replaced.
    I was told by a tile contractor that if I tried to replace these tiles that I could probably loosen the complete floor of tiles because they are set on a plywood sub-floor.
    Is this true??

    tkank you,


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    Default Re: replace a broken or damaged kitchen tile

    Well it depends. If you carefully can remove the tiles without banging to much on the floor and vibrating it you should be alright. The key would be to remove the grout around the tiles so you do not disturb the surrounding tiles. you then have to carefully remove the tiles. If they are broken they probably were not secured down well enough in the first place so they may come up fairly easy. Its important to clean off all the old thinset before installing the new tiles.

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    Default Re: replace a broken or damaged kitchen tile

    One tip .... as sabo4545 mentioned remove all the grout first ... then start from the center of the tile being removed. This way you're less likely to damage the adjacent tile with the prying tool being used.

    There is the question of the reason there are so many tiles needing replacing. If they are cracking it may be the floor has too much bounce. If that's the case the tile contractor is correct in that a lot of banging on the floor may loosen other tiles.

    Hope this helps.

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